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Parachutes Guitar Rig


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Nope I don't believe so because I play You Only Live Twice as Jonny does with a Wah as you can see here:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBAN5Uc1mBM]YouTube - You Only Live Twice (Live) - Coldplay guitar Cover[/ame]


Also in the picture of is rig from parachutes as can be seen at http://www.whataboutjonbuckland.tk/ the pedal is no where to be seen :\

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"Hey fakfak what telecaster should i get?"


IMHO, I'd say the best all around Tele in terms of the value/quality ratio is the American Standard Tele. They're built fairly slid, sound good and provide good value for a relatively low cost (no idea what they cost outside the U.S. though...:confused:) Some of the Japanese reissues are pretty good too, and you can pick those up pretty cheap. (Noel Gallagher of oasis plays a Japanese Tele as one of his main stage guitars, so that goes to show they are of enough quality to be used as a professional touring Instrument.)

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