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Chris' acoustic setup?


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I have searched high and low for info. on Chris' acoustic guitar setup (mainly any pedals, effects, etc.) for the current tour. I am loving how his guitar sounds when Violet Hill is played live. Any info. would be greatly appreciated!



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Hi herrijt,


First, I would keep in mind that the VLV tour contains some different tonal characteristics for all of the instruments than the previous tours.


On this album, the acoustics are far more treble + harsh (in a good way) -sounding. The quality of the guitar is not so important as much as the EQ being applied.


Also, note that Chris uses that painted guitar instead of his quality Martins or Gibsons (both which have a nice pick up system on board). Notice that these painted guitars have a lower quality installable pickup instead. It is also reasonable to assume that the painted guitar is of lower quality than usual standards.


Never the less, the acoustics are full of spring and punch due to a good use of hi eq and compression. I would assume that the chain would be from the acoustic/wireless to some rack processing and then to the board. At least I can't hear any pedals and have no reason to assume that he is using them.


Hope this helps, and I agree it does sound awesome during VH.




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