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Some bankers got it right. So, why are they being ignored?

Matter-Eater Lad

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Great video Jay, thanks.


Why is proven economics and past failed policies hated by Obama's supporters? I see why Obama wants it, more power and wealth for him and his friends on Wall Street.


But anyone looking at the facts cannot deny what history has taught us over and over again.


Funny how people don't realize Obama is Bush on steriods doing the EXACT SAME policies only bigger....bigger does not equal change.

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A couple more interesting updates:




Boehner tells his GOP House members to vote against the stimulus bill.


Democrats are warning that Republicans will continue to be pegged as obstructionists and the “party of ‘no’” if they are unwilling to negotiate.


“The American people rejected the Bush economic policies of the past eight years that resulted in millions of jobs lost and Republicans now have an opportunity to work with the President and Democrats to move our country forward,” said one Democratic aide. “It would be a shame if Republicans choose to promote the same policies instead of listening to the overwhelming majority of Americans who support swift action on the House bill.”


Remember the Democrats have to get bipartisan support for their bill so that when it fails to revive the economy, they can say Republicans had just as much to do with it.




DeMint said some Republicans now regret they voted for the TARP package, even though there is no way to gauge what might have happened had it not been passed.


“I think there’s a lot of buyer’s remorse among Republicans who voted for the bailouts of all kinds last year,” DeMint said. “And, it’s hard to prove that, some of them are saying, ‘It didn’t work out so well, but it’d been a lot worse if we hadn’t.’ It’s hard, it’s hard to argue that unless you know anything about how business works.”


Mr. DeMint says Republicans wish they hadn't voted for that dang bailout. Even after they usurped the overwhelming will of the people by doing so. If only they could use that phrase "hindsight is 20/20", because then we might be able to find some sympathy for them... but we knew all along how that bill was going to turn out, and how the money would be spent.

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