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Chris Martin on Kerrang Radio (Happened on Monday)

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Didn't see this on this forum or the media one. If everyone already knows about it, sorry for posting but incase this was missed...


Chris made an appearance on Kerrang Radio, over phone I think. He was in a studio in london and after the interview, he performed LIT2 live on the radio. Its my favourite radio station so like to listen to it a lot. Didn't know this happened and only found out earlier when I listened to it.


Hopefully someone can rip the audio and post it on this forum :D


Go to (only works on IE :( ) http://www.whatson.com/kerrang


Under mondays click evening then skip to exactly an hour using 15 minute button, click the 5 minute thing 2 times until your at 01:10, ladyhawke my delirium will be playing but it only lasts about 20 seconds from there and the interview will start from there :)

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