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Life in Technicolor Remix


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Hi fellow Coldplay Fans,




I have been a big fan of Coldplay’s music since Parachutes and just stumbled upon this awesome site and forum, I am blown away how large and strong this Coldplay community is – they truly are a global band. I have been working the past couple of years harnessing my remixing ability and when I heard Life in Technicolor I knew I had to try and put together a remix. As a guitarist – I was really tuned into the chord progression and simplicity of the song. It’s just a feel good record and always puts me in a good vibe. Anyhow I spent a long time working on a mellow dance / electronic / acoustic guitar remix and am very happy with the finished product. I have been working on a number of other original productions and remixes but the Life in Technicolor remix was my favorite to work on and I am excited to share it. Below you will find the link to download the high quality mp3 version of my remix. Any feedback would be awesome – hope you enjoy it!



Full MP3 Download (320 KBPS):









All the best,






Matt Crofford




If you enjoy the remix I have a couple others on my website (Radiohead and Depeche Mode remixes)




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Matt, I LOVE your remix !! ^^


It sounds really great! It's the kind of music that makes you feel like dancing and crying at the same time (beautiful arrangements) ! :clap: You should do more Coldplay remixes, you're very talented!



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