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Rare Viva la vida or death and all his friends promo 12" LP for sale


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Hi, hope everybody is good! i did post somewhere else and i do not know if it got seen but i am looking to sell this rare full 10 track album promo LP, only ever seen it as a competition on this site, so if your interested let me know, only 350 copies were made available, i have pictures also!


Thank you!

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I'm sorry if it's not, but it whiffs of a scam to me.


Secret bidding by PM only? Even Dodg-E-Bay does better than that. We've had plenty of rip-offs on this site before that people have sadly fallen for, care to offer a bit more transparency, welsh_monkey?

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I can assure you this is real, i only offer people to make me offers by pm as some people may like to keep it private, i can accept offers on the site, you can so see my stats as a regular ebayer on ebay and tradera (swedish ebay) i only posted on this site first to offer it you guys first, but now i shall put it on ebay, to make it legit and put minds at ease, will put add a link sometime over the next couple of days if not later today!

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