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A Thread for Carla

The Escapist

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oh you cant? :(

why can't you sleep? is there something on your mind?..

or is the bed just unconftable? :P


politics huh, yeah it's a pretty complicated topic, my bro is majoring on law i think..

he knows alot of it.


Nope I just took a nap at 7 pm... I shouldn't have :(


Yeah politiks... a really complicated topic indeed

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hhahaa I know I should have drank some coffee!


Yeah it was hard for me too... remember during your xmas break we all used to stay awake till the morning? once you all got back to classes I had to go back to the old going to bed early routine... not cuz I wanted, it was cuz you al weren't around :(

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2morrow night? I get home at 9:20 pm cuz I get outta class at 8:30 but we pick grandma up cuz she goes to the church on fridays, her meetings finish at 9:00pm we pick her up and then we go home!


Izzy I'm off to bed!:snore:



Plus the site's gonna crash soon!:dozey:



Take care see ya!:hug:



BTW where did Bryce go?:thinking:

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hey there carla! you have your own thread now... congrats :dance:

btw, how are you? i like your avatar :) is that really you? :confused:


Hey Afi how are you? relaxing after mid terms I hope!:nice:


Yeah thanks... that's me!:)


it is her, ain't she pretty amazingly beautiful? :wacko:




You too are amazingly beautiful.... from the inside and outside :nice:


Hi Carla and crews! :nice:




*sound of crickets*




Sorry Rudy you got a little late.... when I had already gone to bed :(


congrats carla!!


(a bit late, i know :embarassed:)


hey Ed! how are you?:)



No you're not late!:nice:



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