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Mastermedia International prays for Coldplay on Feb. 24


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Thanks to The Colbert Report for the heads-up on this (which I've noticed numerous Coldplay jokes on recently; Stephen Colbert had Feb. 23rd reserved and got ticked that Coldplay has the day right after him due to alphabetic listing).


Mastermedia International, an American non-profit Christian organization that works with certain media, sets a special calendar each year to pray for one "Cultural Influencer" every single day of the year. The list is in alphabetical order, and for the first time, Coldplay has marched their way onto the list for 2009 as one of the 365 "most powerful" influencers. February 24th is their day, so today, the members of the organization will be specifically praying for care and guidance over the band.


The day chosen for Coldplay.

Their website is admittedly very bare and simple, but apparently their membership and subscription extends over 50,000 people. So though probably not a well-known event, Coldplay has many individuals thinking about them in a special way today. ;)


Note that this thread is not supposed to be a religious advocation, nor is it meant to be some form of mockery. So in order to turn this into some form of discussion, even if you're not a Mastermedia member (doubt anyone here is), what will YOU be doing today to honor Coldplay and keep them in your thoughts? :D


Just as a testament to the fact that I attend a religious university, I'll probably wear a tour shirt and hum random tunes to class. But then again, that's just like any other day. :laugh3:

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