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A little contest: Win Talk Live in Holland CD3!


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we have a winner. Congrats to Natster! : )


I may do this again, and I'll try to make the puzzles easier next time, hehe.




All right, so I got my Talk Live in Holland 3CD set in the mail today, which leaves me with an extra copy of CD3 (the blue one):



It has Talk, Til Kingdom Come, and Fix You, all live in Holland. Rather than sell it on eBay I thought it would be way more fun to challenge you all to a little puzzle. Whoever figures it out first, I’m going to mail you this cool thing. :D


There are two clues. The first half is kind of like a crossword puzzle. Of course, the answers are all Coldplay songs. (spaces don’t count)


1 (1 of 7) 9.8 m/s^2 (on earth, at least)

2 (12 of 12) Good when you’re thirsty

3 (4 of 7) This brings experience, and experience brings wisdom

4 (4 of 7) Metazoa

5 (3 and of 17 of 17) Drowned?

6 (8 of 12) Has a PhD

7 (4 of 8) Go away! Come again another day!

8 (1 of 10) used to overcome #1

9 (1 and 8 of 12) 330 m/s (1,083 ft/s)


Once you figure out the 9-letter “word” (it’s not really a word), you’ll need to do some Googling to find clue number 2.



(hint for part 2--find the old barn! ;))


(Apologies if this is really hard, but in addition to Coldplay, I am also a huge fan of Myst.)


Contest will run for 3 consecutive units of time. Good luck! ;)

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no really i can't imagine! the crossword..if no one else figures it out! can i win by default since i posted first!?


No, but I'll give you another hint.


The answer for #1:

1 (1 of 7) 9.8 m/s^2 (on earth, at least)

... is "G" :cool:

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