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  1. I just started Oryx and Crake and am loving it. Have you read that one as well?
  2. I'm against the back wall but don't have much to complain about. At least I have a floor ticket for Toronto. It might actually be cool to see the confetti and stuff from high up! Right? :)
  3. Row 30 center floor here, too!! I'm actually going to this concert by myself. Maybe I'll search you out? :)
  4. *bump* If you liked the video, this is the last weekend for voting on the Bushman World Ukulele Video Contest. ^_^ http://bushmanmusic.com/ukulele-contest.html (Pretty sure his is the only Coldplay cover, but check out some of the others)
  5. He agrees about the chorus too, and was actually glad to hear someone else confirm it. :) Real critiques can be so nice when you normally just hear stuff like "that's nice!" :whip:
  6. The World Turned Upside Down was used for a promotional ad on Prairie Public Television. : D It was very awesome and the clips from TV shows were matched up to song lyrics in a cool way. "365 degrees" was accompanied by some dancers spinning, for example. And "the land sun trees the sky the stars the sea" had quick clips of... the land, sun, trees, sky, stars, and sea. ;) I wish I could find it on Youtube.
  7. All the time. I'm working on a sports anatomy book right now. Lots of skeletons and muscles. Same old. : )

  8. Yes he is super cute. I am fine! Weekend went by fast though. Time for work again already? :S

  9. Ack I thought I pasted it, haha. Here: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qlQYBTECKU"]YouTube - Lost~ - Coldplay (Cover)[/ame]

  10. Look, my BF covered Lost! ^_^ What do you think?

  11. My boyfriend covered Lost! for the Bushman Ukelele Contest. It turned out awesome. ^_^ (Even the electric-guitar sounding solo was done on the uke!) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qlQYBTECKU]YouTube - Lost~ - Coldplay (Cover)[/ame]
  12. Haha, thanks! I still can't beat it. :S

  13. Does anyone have a link to that clip of Chris impersonating Jay-Z in an interview? He was like "I'm Jay-Z yeah I'm Jay-Z" or something. :) Can't find it on YouTube. edit: Oh man, so I haven't logged in for awhile and I was trying to take my old games listed in my signature and I can't get through either one of them. :S I need to get back in the groove.
  14. Video of my boyfriend playing Lost~ for me on my birthday! :3 It was a complete surprise; I was freaking out, and luckily you can't hear me singing along even though I had the camera, haha. [ame= ] [/ame]
  15. My boyfriend who hates Coldplay just played Lost! for me at an open mic night! His version was awesome! :dance: *returns to hiatus* >.>
  16. St. Vincent - Actor Have the Inception score on order but it hasn't come yet. :\
  17. I finally got me a red Lost! promo CD! :dance:
  18. Novah

    "What if..."

    :hiccup: Sorry, double post! :nice:
  19. Novah

    "What if..."

    Considering my two favorite songs are Glass of Water and I Ran Away, Coldplay would still be my favorite band even if not one of the LP's existed. :nice:
  20. Hi! Long time no see, forum. :) Anyway, so yesterday I was at work putting together a human anatomy text book, and I'm looking at this photo thinking something... seemed familiar and Coldplay-ish. I rotated it 180° and... ... hmmm... Is it just me? :nice:
  21. You don't need a webcam, just a mike. :) It's like a phone conversation with multiple people and it can be completely anonymous. You can even let your dad set up the account so he knows none of your info is on it. I know it's a few years off, but man your dad is gonna have a hard time of it when you go off to college. :uhoh: He needs to learn to trust you a bit!
  22. I need to hear that. We should all Skype sometime. ;)
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