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I know that this maybe the wrong forum, but I thought I would post this on the main forum. Tomorrow I am flying back to the USA(to Minneapolis to be exact cos my husband is in Minnesota). Anyway, I have checked all the new US dates and the nearest venue for us is the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa, which is about 135 - 150 miles away and I am seriously thinking of going, but the thing is we are on a fixed disability income, although i will be returning back with around a $1000 and the tickets go on sale on the 21st!! i think I can manage to obtain the tickets. The question is, can anyone tell me the price ranges of the tickets???? Are they generic for the tour or are they in accordance with each venue?????



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It depends in the venue, but they're ranging from $32 to $97.00 each.


Keep in mind that if you buy them either from Livenation or Ticketmaster, they'll charge you a covenience fee which are about +$25 per ticket, plus shipping fees if they're applicable.


So basically, including those fees, the cost of the tickets would be about this:


$32 - Lawn: $53 with the fees


$77 - Upper Level: $110 with the fees


$97 - Lowel Level: $130 with the fees



Good luck, and be sure to buy them early! You do not want to pay $200-$500 per ticket from scalpers! :confused:


And if you buy them with a credit card, your credit card company will send you your bill after a month! So you'll have more time to get settled with more cash :D

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