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New Coldplay Videohits


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Hey there,


There was a new Videohits interview with Will and Guy this morning. I think it was relatively live because she was saying how it was a Sunday and it was their last day here in Australia.

I didn't get to record it, but I'm sure they'll stick something up on the website: http://www.videohits.com.au


It was good fun, I missed out on the start, although from what I saw, I believe Guy and Will had to pick a video from each album (I know The Hardest Part and Life in Technicolor ii were for the latest albums/EP).

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Also might mention they asked them about recording in the studio etc. Will said some interesting stuff, but nothing new from the usual "we've got some ideas..but that's about it" type thing.

Still, if someone recorded it, can they put it up here or multimedia? It's not up on youtube yet :(

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