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  1. Happy birthday to Mr. Berryman, I may not love you like I used to but I haven't forgotten you.
  2. I know I'm a little late, but the Monday night show was great! They put on a good one, as always.
  3. Haha yah I took a long time. Almost never come on here anymore. That's why I just use the view conversation button, makes it a lot easier. :P

  4. Definitely. :awesome:

  5. Yah I've seen her too. I still like Rooney better though. :P

  6. Carooooooo! Jo is adorable. How did someone get this? :confused: I doubt his dad's fb page was public. But anyways, that's pretty cute. And yah that's definitely Guy on the left and Mark on the right. Also, whoever said that Quantum Suicide has "comatoes," that's not right. It's "comatose." Like, being in a coma.
  7. Yah, well actually not specifically Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (though I did love that movie), but just one of Rooney Mara's photos from her Vogue photo shoot. I basically have a lesbian crush on her she's so beautiful. :|

  8. Ahhhh hot! He's looking good. I definitely thought that too when I first saw that. I mean he doesn't resemble him a bunch, but he definitely reminded me of him. When I first watched Shakespeare in Love, the first scene of Joseph Fiennes I did a double take cause for the first instance he looked so much like Guy. But when you look at him for longer than an instant it's a lot less of a resemblance. Just a little bit. Oh I wish he would wear stuff like that in concert all the time! I love him in just plain black t-shirts and jeans.
  9. So happy that it ended the way it did. I'm really excited for the premiere for next season. Even though it's forever away.
  10. Aw, thank you lovely Caro! :kiss:

  11. My parents got our tickets, section 118, can't remember the seat numbers. Seems so random cause it's one of the two stick skinny sections on the side haha. I hope we're at least near the front of that section.
  12. Now we have to look forward to Christmas Break! I'll be done early on Tuesday. :D

  13. Oh I kinda hope they don't sneak one in...they did it last time and don't get me wrong, it was their best show that I've been to so far, and San Antonio's much easier for me than Houston or Dallas, but I really wish they would just announce it at the same time as these ones so that I wouldn't have already bought Houston tickets. Last time I ended up going to both San Antonio and Houston (which was just fine with me) cause they announce San Antonio after we'd already bought Houston tickets, but my mom was kinda pissed....on spending that much. :uhoh: Especially since the Houston ticks we bought
  14. Ah, that's a nice number of applications! I wish you the best of luck! I'm sure whatever happens, it'll turn out great! But yes! Thanksgiving Break starts in a couple hours for me whoop whoop! I'll be going home most likely this evening.

  15. OH yay! Congrats girl! Yah being done with all that is such a major relief. I hated applying to college. Which other ones did you apply to? Which did you get into? Is Cornell your top choice? Well I hope you did well on your SAT and ACT and all that! Awww, Kern you are WAYYY too awesome and beautiful and wonderful. I love youuuu. We are talking soon. T-minus 5 days until I get my 5 day Thanksgiving Break. And I'll be damned if we're not gonna video chat at least 80 times.

  16. Oh yes Jenn, if there's anyone I know who's always in the gutter, it's so you. :P Good times. :lol: Yesssss! I'm in love with it. His voice sounds so cool I don't know why he doesn't lead sing more. I'm with you, I like the song a lot. I do think the girl's voice is a little weird, I think it would sound better if she had actually sung instead of just speaking the words.
  17. I know! We're all too busy! I need to know how your college apps are going and stuff!

  18. Heeheehee. :sneaky: Liking the reference Jenn. Nice to see you again Amanda! :D Had so many pages to catch up on, but I'm glad I did! So many great new videos and pictures. :mellow:
  19. Definitely! I can't wait till we can talk. I'm going home next weekend (not the one starting tomorrow but the one after) and maybe we'll get a chance to talk then? If not definitely Thanksgiving.

  20. Thank you Christina!! :D

  21. Haha I guess our brainwaves are on the same page then. :P I miss you too. :(

  22. Lina! :D Definitely badass Reid! Yah, same here. And I'm liking the actual plots too. I think it also just feels nice to have the team all back.
  23. I will totally have a dance party with you.
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