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When I talked to Ray McGovern, he said "now the crazies are in charge" - that was 2004. He knew them all well, and was abhorred by knowing what they had done, and what they were still planning to do. But the bad times go, in time. Time passes; but getting through the tough times - how bad will it be?? Depends on who, where, what, and what position. To stay and correct the errors, or leave and return - we all face that question at some time in history. Sometimes futile, and that's something we all have to realize - but to give it one's all, and keep fighting for justice is the only way, for when the opportunity is there, time will be when the change can happen. Carla, I know how you're feeling - heck, it was a nightmare here too; some choose to ignore it; some just waited it out; but many suffered during the reign of errors. Keep working for the bright future, for while the storm clouds are overhead, they will pass, and a brighter day will dawn. Keep the torch of justice burning brightly, and never loose hope - in the end, justice and humanity will prevail over ignorance and corruption.

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:hug:You're most welcome, Carla ;); A friend told me during the recent reign of errors, Nelson Mandela, while in prison, planned the future of his county with his fellow countrymen; if worst case scenarios come to fruition, the time to plan can be fruitful.


What was I doing before the computer? Hmm... hunting wabbits & squirrels!:P

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watching Saving Private Ryan..




dammit! I just realized I watched it from the beginning until like 3/4 thru, then at a commercial I left and forgot to go back! damn! hate when that happens


Woahh I was watching that too yesterday:wacko:




Before I got on my computer today I was at target buying a new CD.

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