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Open Letter to the Band


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I know this is my first post but take this for what you will. I'm guessing that the band does not read what is posted on here but I want to give my 2 cents anyway.


I know it's been said God knows how many times before, but I've been a fan since the beginning. Parachutes is one of my all time favorite albums, and the ATL show I went to during that tour was one of the best shows I've ever been to. I've been to 3 of your shows and own all of your albums.


That being said, why in God's good name are you charging over ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DOLLARS A TICKET on this tour? I understand that Live Nation prob has a lot to do with this but I would find it very hard to believe that you do not have any control over the pricing. The last time you scheduled (and canceled) here in 05 (Birmingham, AL), I believe my tickets cost under 60 bucks a piece. Less than half what they do for this show!


Like I said before, I find it hard to believe you would not have any control over this. I think it goes without saying that you are completely aware of what is going on and apparently you could care less. I find it beyond disgusting and I feel that you should all be completely ashamed of yourselves. You present yourselves as this humble, down to earth band, when in reality, you appear to be one of the greediest groups of my generation. People listen to music and go to shows to escape from some of life's everyday stresses. Why would you ever take advantage of that? It's funny that for all these years I could listen to your music and feel that you're some of the most thoughtful artists out there and now it all seems like a huge money making joke. I bought 2 pit tickets for last year's Radiohead show in ATL off of their fan site and it cost the same price as one of your tickets.


To the fans out there that have bought a ticket for any of the recent tours, how do you feel comfortable with this?

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I am in total agreement with live4ever, 130 dollars is equivalent to 1,280-00 rand in my country, and if you are a couple you pay for two, so thats 2,560-00 rand, thats a hell of a lot of money, especially if you dont have it to spend freely. I cannot believe that they could be so concerned about their financial situation, that they have to charge this amount of money!! Its ridiculous. But having said that *rant over*, its not like I wouldn't make a plan to get the tickets anyway, even though it would put a serious dent in my pocket!!!

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They are charging standard prices Im used to. Supply and demand. They can charge it cause you'll pay it. You pay it cause they are a World Act now. U2 charges the same, so do the Stones. Get used to it


I understand supply and demand. What I don't understand is why a band like Coldplay thinks it's ok. They know they can charge that much, but why would they want to? Coldplay's target market is prob fans that are 35 and under. The Stones charge that way because they know the 50+ year olds will pay it. As for U2, face it, Coldplay is not U2. U2 has twice the material and more older fans (with more disposable income). That's not to say Coldplay won't possibly been seen in the same light as U2 one day, I think that they will. If Coldplay is charging the same as an act that is 20 years older, what in the world will they charge when they reach that age?


Bottom line, it's a slap in the face to the fans that have been loyal to them from the beginning.

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First off, Coldplay is charging $97, $79 or $35 for tickets....Live Nation is the one tacking on all the extra fees. And no the bands can not control that. Pearl Jam tried that once but it didn't work.

They have a very impressive show, employ a lot of people and it costs a lot to tour. If the cost is too much, but you still want to see them and can't swing for the highest priced reserved seats, you could always buy a lawn seat.

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The prices of the tickets are set by the fans, so in turn, we are as responsible as Coldplay when it comes to the ticket prices. If Coldplay can sell out 20,000 seat venues on the day of sale with ticket prices of $95/$45 there's no way their management would allow them to lower prices, it just wouldn't make sense.


Trust me, I don't like paying $115 a ticket (after fees), but think about how hard it is to get tickets right now and then imagine how hard it would be if Coldplay cut their ticket prices in half. It's all about supply and demand. The actual market value of a lower level Coldplay ticket is a lot higher than what Coldplay is charging. Check stubhub!, ticketsnow, etc. and you will probably discover that people are buying and selling these tickets for almost twice as much as what they are being sold for on the general on-sale. So, as silly as it sounds, we should actually be thankful that prices aren't higher!


So in conclusion, I'm not saying that you guys shouldn't be peeved about how much tickets are being sold for, but I don't think your anger is geared at the correct people. We, as music fans, allowed the market for ticket prices to go sky high by continuing to pay these prices for tickets. If you want to make a statement, don't go. Do you think they'll continue sell tickets at such a price with half-empty arenas?

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