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Canadian East Coast Bands


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I just bought a new album, well a couple weeks old yesterday of a local musician by the name of Joel Plaskett. I figured there are alot of good bands around the East Coast of Canada that instead of starting a bunch of small threads we can just use this one.


Bands like: Wintersleep, Matt Mays & El Torpedo, Joel Plaskett, The Trews, Great Big Sea, Hey Rosetta, and many more... I plan on uploading some random albums to here for you guys to get a taste of some East Coast Band's music.

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The First Album I thought I would add is one from a very new and local band. They play small pubs and venues in front of just a few hundred people but I've seen them almost everytime they have played this year. They have a different style, check it out.




1. Growing Old

2. Coming Up

3. Straight Up

4. By Your Side

5. Off We Go

6. Night of Tequila

7. 20 Words

8. Burning End

9. Swim in the Ocean

10. Sing a Song

11. Away with Me

12. Johnny Running too Slow

13. Fly Around the World

14. Beautiful Day

15. Jam on Skinners Pond



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I'm really liking Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees at the moment. Been on a big electronic music kick for a couple of weeks now.


I saw them last year during the ECMAs in Fredericton. I didnt really get into it more cause Plaskett was coming up and well I wanted to see him so I was impatient and didnt give them a chance.

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My next CD to upload is my personal favourite by Joel Plaskett Emergency. I will try not to drown anyone in one artist by the way. This CD just has all his songs that I have come to enjoy. Some acoustic stuff with some rockier stuff, hes a different person to listen to. Has some different lyrics but thats what I like about it. I've had problems with track 12, Cold Blue Light so it wasnt worth uploading, nonetheless here it is.



1. Written All Over Me

2. Work Out Fine

3. Mystery And Crime

4. Extraordinary

5. Come On Teacher

6. The Red Light

7. Radio Fly

8. You Came Along

9. Lights Down Low

10. The Day You Walked Away

11. All The Pretty Faces

13. Heart To Heart With Lionel



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After some thinking into what was next, went to the music bank and found something that is more than worthy of sharing.

Matt Mays & El Torpedo - Terminal Romance. It is a solid album all around in my opinion. It was released July, 2008. With 3 singles being released off it, Tall Trees, Building a Boat, and Terminal Romance (the song). Check this out. It is a little more rock type stuff but still great.





  1. "Building a Boat"
  2. "Digital Eyes"
  3. "Tall Trees"
  4. "Rock Ranger Record"
  5. "Terminal Romance"
  6. "Shining Eyes"
  7. "Northern Belle"
  8. "Stand and Deliver"
  9. "Laser Guided Love"
  10. "The Hunter, The Hunted"
  11. "Long Since Gone"


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