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  1. I was very disappointed. Not in Coldplay's performance but the fact that they were playing second fiddle to their own show. Bruno Mars and Beyonce stole the show and while they were doing their little dance off you could see poor Chris standing there in the back. Why force out four songs in five minutes? Their entire segment felt rushed, however it did get better after the montage but still, I was extremely disappointed. Not enough Coldplay, even though they were supposed to be headlining.
  2. The forgettable track for me would be "Fun". I would've liked this song much more if they got rid of the looping vocals. Can't stand it.
  3. The song is not good at all but it's catchy. I found myself actually singing the song in my head today at work which is weird because I hate this song.
  4. Is there a dark theme for the message boards or just the default white coloured one? :)
  5. I always said to Coldplay fans who don't like their new style of music that, in comparison to old Coldplay, yes it's not as good. But if you compare their music to music that is out there right now, they're still superior. However, this song isn't just bad in comparison to old Coldplay. It's bad compared to music that's out there now. Very disappointing that it came from my favourite band. Of course, this is just my opinion.
  6. I really don't like that background vocal thing that keeps getting repeated throughout the entire song.
  7. Easily the best song on the album. Probably the best song out of the last two albums.
  8. It's terrible. Really bad. I've never said anything like that regarding ANY Coldplay song ever created.
  9. I think Birds is the best song on the album. "X Marks the Spot" made me cringe. Really cringe. Can't believe something like that came from Coldplay.
  10. This is better than Coldplay's version.
  11. This is easily my favorite song on the album so far. Although, during the intro it sounds like the synths are choppy. At :15 to :16 it just sounds a little odd to me. Does anyone else hear it? Still, probably my favorite track on the album and I love the intro at the beginning.
  12. Summed up what I was thinking. A few of the songs are nice to hear but very forgettable. Especially Ink and True Love, which are nice, "poppy", teenage songs but really nothing special. Oceans sounded much better live. The album version sounds odd. Another's Arms sounds like Chris fell asleep while singing and I don't understand the rave over "O". Better lyrics than the other songs but it's a boring song. It kind of reminds be of a mixture of U.F.O. and Up With the Birds. Always in my Head is probably my favorite, but even then it's a quite simple song with simple lyrics. Nothing spectacular.
  13. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JriQU_0tQ0&feature=youtu.be Princess of China http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fl4qR1mDIi0&feature=youtu.be Warning Sign: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZIVj8fPsh4&feature=youtu.be Don't Let It Break Your Heart:
  14. Great show tonight. The wristbands are such an awesome idea! Warning Sign was beautiful. I'll post some videos in the morning. :)
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