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  1. romanglass, I agree problem is Jonas has been doing work with Mew and Guy is back with Coldplay, so I don't see anything in the near future...
  2. the jazz elements of Fly Boy Blue are wicked, the vocals and lyrics are the big stand-outs in my opinion though... the strings in Charge are great and I love the sound of Honey Sun. In regards to the long songs, I was happy when I initially saw the track-lengths because when BARB was out, The Birds was and still is, one of my favorite songs on the album. Also, I have never really compared Elbow's albums and ranked them, which I guess is something I should do and then share why :) But I am glad other fans are enjoying this album, I'll be curious what the reviews will say, haha
  3. The Take Off and Landing of Everything has leaked, and I recommend listening to it. I loved it, reminds me of Asleep in the Back to say the least....
  4. I like the new song, and the artwork will come with time and I think it will be great once we see it... Album should be interesting based off of what was heard thus far
  5. *patiently waiting for a North American tour...*
  6. maybe U2 has gained a little bit of influence from Coldplay during their time off, however as a whole, U2 is their own entity, and I would never compare the sound of both bands together because they really are quite different despite how Brian Eno has influenced both bands. U2 also has the work of Danny Lanois, who is quite brilliant. U2 has longevity. Coldplay does in this modern sense, but considering U2 has been around since '78 constantly making new, innovative and creative music, they still beat out Coldplay for me...
  7. it may have elements of Coldplays style of music, however it sounds like U2 through and through. you can't mistake the Edge's guitar playing... also, just to say, Coldplay was around AFTER U2...
  8. sensory spaces is cool - I just want the album....
  9. the entire performance was awesome, particularly all the special guest cameos such as Bono, Michael Cera and Ben Stiller, James Franco - the list goes on... based off of how the songs sounded I think Reflektor will be one hell of a record!
  10. Reflektor sounds unreal, I cannot wait - double albums are dangerous but at the same time, it's Arcade Fire...
  11. I just glanced over some of these collections and they make me jealous! well done everyone :)
  12. this is not from any Coldplay era. this song is brilliant, but not reminiscent of anything they've done before. I read earlier someone hinted at "Ordinary World" and I agree with that comparison. LP6, if this is any indication will be brilliant - mature sound, the guitar note during the verses, I liked it!
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