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Fed Stress Tests Tougher on Smaller Banks


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This is to be expected. America is a corporatist nation (aka Fascist), and therefore it is acceptable for the largest corporations to use government to force their competitors out of business.


In this case, the regional banks would be the ones to benefit from non-interventionism. The big banks would go bankrupt (without the Fed acting as the lender of last resort) and the smaller banks would get all their old clients.


But alas, we'll be stuck with the same big, crappy banks for the next hundred years, probably. And our kids will be paying for the continuation of nothing more than a brand-name.

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Which is different to what's happening in this country, where you have small local building societies, they are getting more popular than the big banks. Mainly because the small building societies appear to be more safer than the governement owned banks.

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