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help please


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Hey you guys!


I wanted to ask for a big favor! I’m enrolled in a Fashion Class and as a class project we have to create a magazine. This magazine has 4 departments (Fashion, Beauty and Health, Entertainment, Culture/Travel) I am in the Culture department. Part of our job is to make fashion spreads about various countries and their culture.




I have never been to the places we have chosen and I was wondering if you guy can help me with pictures. I can’t go on Google or any other places to get pictures there because it is unethical. If you guys can share pictures you have taken, it would be a huge help. And if you decided to help me out, can I have your permission to say that those pictures are my own to be able to use them in our magazine.


This is a fictional magazine as it is made by our fashion class.


So if you decide to help me here are the places I need pictures for: Greece, Brazil, Russia, and Egypt


The picture can be landscape, historical buildings, people in tradtitional clothes… any pictures you would like to share with me.





email them to me at [email protected]

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What do you mean searching the internet is unethical? You mean you wouldn't have permissionzz to legally use them, right?


I'm pretty sure we might have a Brazilian lurking around here but not confident, you might have to try elsewhere. It's gonna be hard to get those countries though but I don't think Egypt and Greece would be too hard to get your hands on, lots of people holiday there, especially Greece.

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What about free fully licensed stock photos like from morguefile? That's what real magazines do. They can't send a photographer to Brazil for one or two shots for the next issue, so they contact a stock photo service instead, which will have millions of photos in it's archives to use.


For us mere students who can't afford licensing fees, there are free non-commercial stock photo sources. That's what we were always encouraged to use in our projects when I studied graphic design. There is nothing unethical about it as long as you credit the real photographer- the permission is in the terms of use or user license. You could always print out a copy of the user license if someone was going to have a problem with even that.

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But if you still insist on having ones from users on here only, here are a few I took in Greece two summers ago (you can pick and chose, and I don't care if you use them without credit!):
















:stunned: those are some great pictures

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