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Buying a Guitar - Online.


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I would appreciate if anyone could be of any help. I have been taking lessons, and using a mates guitar. So now I am looking for something of my own to practice more often.


I dont want to exceed £60, due to saving purposes :lol:


If anyone can drop any website links or guitars to buy I would appreciate it.






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I have been practicing on my own, on my brothers used guitar. I have been thinking of buying my own guitar and wondered if anyone has any suggestions on what brand a beginner should buy. I do want something decent. I just found out that the guitar I have been practicing on is a classical guitar and my brother changed the stirings on it to acoustic ones. No wonder its kind of difficult to play it! :dozey: Anyways just want to hear what your experiences are. Glad to hear any suggestions/comments....please! :)

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