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  • 8 months later...

i'm so full of silly affection. :blush:


please coldplaying, do something. i've been harassing this more or less 22 year old young man, who takes it with astonishing serenity ( the manliness of his stoic neglection is totally heating up things for me :dance: ), but i should stop anyway. it ain't easy. i thought by making myself ridiculous in public and read peoples' mean comments will help me get over it.

because i probably don't really wanna have a pimpled, geeky computer- nerd, who is gay/ not gay, suffers from narcicissm and doesn't like beer. :(


now spill your hate and contempt over me, kids. the worse the better for my pledge.

btw, i'm 38. :sick::disappointed:


. .... ... . ... ... .... . ... ... .

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