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the lead balloon


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...when you do something and it is considered about as wonderful as a "lead balloon"...when you try so hard [to start a forum or group but it never takes off] and you don't succeed, when you [don't] get what you want [much less] what you need, when you feel so tired, but you can't stop perusing coldplaying.com! ...stuck in reverse...


1. learn to drive with the rearview mirror, maybe?


2. here is a place to vent -er, "share" about "stuff"

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okay, so by the look of the sig pic, you are in the midst of a permanent lead balloon crisis! help is on the way...


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbVE1pQY0C8]YouTube - Coldplay - Everything's Not Lost (Live Glastonbury 2005 HQ)[/ame]

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packing my shoebox as i type this...


so here is my own little lead balloon moment. i'd been put to the task of assembling flyers into envelopes with address labels and stamps. by the end, i needed three more stamps than i'd been given. :\ i went to the person the project was for, --person "a" and they were out of stamps and said to go get some from person "b" so i went to person "b" who said that person "a" would need to fill out a requester form for the three stamps... :confused: so i took the requester form back to person "a" and they said :shocked2: --well i'm not going to tell you what they said :censored: -- before storming :furious: over to the office of person "b" where they (persons "a" and "b") started arguing :argue: and it was just about then that PERSON "C" poked their head in saying :huh2: "um, we are trying to work in here -- what's all this?" :uneasy: after the situation was explained to them, PERSON "C" had a sort of unreadable expression on their face (couldn't tell if they were amused or really angry or mystified or all three). :blank: "C" reached into his pocket, pulled out a kind of wallet (more like a folded over bit of fabric?) and got some stamps from it an handed three stamps to me with a little smile. :nice: and left. :blush: i looked back at persons "a" and "b" to find them :snobby: glowering :mean: at me. :worried: i'm still not sure what i did wrong, exactly. :worried2:

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I had the same problem at first and I thought it was a bit predictable really, it kinda still is but I just fell in love with Larry David when I sat through seasons 1 + 2, he grows on you and it becomes funnier once you know him.


The fact that it is mostly improvised makes it even more impressive

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