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:lol: yeah and so the story goes-my cousins,room mate's, granny's, brother's, wifes', sister was once in ireland so that makes me part irish doesn't it?? :lol: :rolleyes:


so how are you part irish ;) ?? :P

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My Great Grandmother was from there on me mums side

and on me dad's side its GG Grandfather


sooooo...i've got a surname that begins Mc, i drink far tooooo much, am a bit moody w/ a temper occasionally, got blonde hair and blue eyes, like the frames, Damo, U2 and Guinness.


Do i Pass?



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:lol: now you'll have to make an appointment a month in advance because i'm afraid we are very busy at the moment and i'm not too sure why! :huh:

it could be because the drink is free :P but i've been assured many times that this is not the reason :lol: :rolleyes:

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