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Coldplay being hated?


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I like coldplay because the first two albums were very good and viva is ok

BUT for me there are a number of reason why people could hate them, most of them not music related


1) They give money to charity.

2) they preach a load of nonsense. If i was to meet chris martin in a pub he would probably try and convert me into the 'world is dying' camp

3) They split the money equally 4 ways when chris should get 50%

4) They do a lot of sucking up

5) They like rap music when its total garbage

6) THE only MUSIC related reason for not liking them is they do try and sound like U2 at times, why get Brian Eno? I think Rush of Blood destroys Viva easily


Apart from that, yea, they're fine

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Most of the people who dislike coldplay are probably very simple minded......You see Chris and the guys find very diverse ways to express himself which might sometiimes call for a little analysis in order to understand what the song's about and from the time people can't have a song which is clear cut like most R&B songs which go "baby i love you..dont ever leave me.....I'd die without you........ no air....you were meant for me...... you're the only one I'll ever need " then that's the problem........

They hate on us because we the coldoplay fans .....lovers.....addicts are freaking intelligent and super cool in ways that they will never ever be............

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