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FYI to collectors who use ebay


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Figured I'd post this here, as most collectors probably check this section often.



FYI for collectors who use eBay;


Seller "ducksicc" was most likely suspended recently for selling counterfeit Safety EP's.


S/he posted a few copies for auction on US and UK eBay sites, and successfully scammed one buyer. Ducksicc's previous feedback was low numbered, but solid. Since the Safety EP was pulled, s/he has received a negative feedback for selling counterfeit CDs. One of the positive feedbacks left also stated the CDs sold were copies.


Needless to say, he was reported to eBay.


Tuesday, an email was sent to those who reported ducksicc (message not sent through eBay), stating they "messed with the wrong person....enjoy ebay for a short time...soon you will be suspended." The return email address used was [email protected]


Again, eBay was notified. I'm assuming this a$$hole may attempt to buy from the reporting parties, just to make a false claim. No one is overly concerned, but I wanted to be sure you were all aware this guy's a complete jag and sells garbage.


Please pass this along to other music collectors; ducksicc was selling "rare" CDs by several different artists.


Please Please Please!!!

Avoid at all costs.

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The buyer I (stupidly) got mine from was "914flipper" out of New York. Had about 50 rare CDs that all ended the same day, (within the same hour, actually) and then he canceled his eBay account. Before all the neg feedback could come in, I assume.


I got my money back less shipping, which I probably didn't deserve given my lack of caution.


What state was ducksicc out of?

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