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THE CHASER Mocks Sick, Dying, Terminally Ill Kids


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This has caused a bit of a kerfuffle today. What do you think? Did they overstep the line?




Rudd blasts 'Chaser' sick kids sketch




The Video: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/entertainment/821475/chaser-under-fire-over-sick-kids-skit


Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has blasted The Chaser over a sketch in which they mocked dying children.


Mr Rudd said that while he is happy to be fair game for parody, the skit that aired last night was "way beyond the pale".


"These guys, collectively, should get up and hang their heads in shame," Mr Rudd said this afternoon.


Earlier, the ABC moved to censor the controversial episode following public outrage over the The Chaser's War On Everything segment.


PHOTOS: Chaser controversies


The public broadcaster was in crisis talks this morning after being flooded with complaints over the offending "Make a Realistic Wish Foundation" sketch.


"The ABC and The Chaser did not intend to hurt those who have been affected by the terminal illness of a child," ABC TV boss Kim Dalton and the show's executive producer Julian Morrow said in a statement released today.


What did you think of the stunt? View comments




"We acknowledge the distress this segment has caused and we apologise to anyone we have upset.


"As a result, ABC TV will edit the segment out of tonight's repeat screening on ABC2 and on-line."


In the sketch, Chaser members Andrew Hansen and Chris Taylor ask actors playing terminally ill children to make a wish.


One girl tells Hansen she wants to meet Hollywood teen heartthrob Zac Efron, but instead she is handed a stick.


Taylor at one point says the fictional foundation's aim is to help "thousands of kids to lower their extravagance and selfishness in the face of death". (Watch more: Chaser back at it today)


Make-A-Wish Foundation chief executive Sandy Brattstrom said her organisation tried not to focus on the negative aspects of the skit.


"Obviously we're very disappointed but I've got to say we're encouraged by the response from the public — I think that said it all," she told Nine News.


"There's been a lot of anger and frustration … what's sad is the effect it might have had on families involved."


When asked about the outraged public response, Ms Brattstrom said: "I think I'll leave that up to the politicians and the radio networks."


A spokeswoman for Make-A-Wish said Taylor had called Ms Brattstrom to apologise for the sketch.


"I have had a call from The Chaser this morning explaining to me that they weren't specifically poking fun at us," the foundation's communications manager Janita Friend told Melbourne radio station 3AW.


Readers flooded ninemsn with comments about the skit, mostly expressing condemnation.


"That is absolutely disgusting … How dare they say things like that," wrote one reader.


Another wrote: "No scruples ... no hearts ... no compassion … I say they should have NO JOBS."


The sketch has also generated buzz on micro-blogging site Twitter and drawn criticism from politicians and social commentators.


"The Chaser boys have gone over the mark," federal Liberal frontbencher Christopher Pyne told TODAY.


"If I had a child with cancer or leukaemia or a life-threatening disease it would be the most devastating thing that could ever happen."


According to ratings company OzTam, The Chaser averaged about 1.2 million viewers last night — more than 300,000 less than last week’s series debut.


Calls made by ninemsn to show's executive producer Julian Morrow were not immediately returned.


The Chaser has been pushing the boundaries of good taste since its debut in early 2006, including the infamous 2007 APEC Osama bin Laden prank and the tasteless "Eulogy Song", which poked fun at deceased celebrities such as Peter Brock, Princess Diana and Steve Irwin.


Source: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/entertainment/821475/chaser-under-fire-over-sick-kids-skit


The Apology: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=821632

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Chaser makes fun of everything. I do have to admit the thought of Make A Realistic Wish Foundation or something similar does give me a bit of a snigger and I have pondered it in the past.


I don't think they're mocking the kids though either, that's just kermitflailing. Just the whole idea they get whatever because they're terminally ill.


Chaser is jeluz.

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i've been a very big fan of the Chaser for a long time, since the CNNNN days through to Chaser Decides. but this new project War on Everything is very low brow humour. its built on crude black comedy which is rarely ever funny. the skits are usually stupid and senseless.


i watched the first episode of this second series of the Chaser and laughed maybe twice in 25mins it went for. i woke up this morning to the news of this pathetic stunt and i dont think i'll be downloading anymore episodes of this show. the boys have lost a very very big fan.

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