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Suggest a Turntable For ME! (And win prizes!)


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Hi there, my name is yamfox, and you might know be better as yamfox :thinking:

Anyway, I need suggestions for turntables. Cheap preferably, with stereo sound and adjustable bass/treble controls. Something of quality manufacturing and sound reproduction to make an audiophile happy :D

My budget is low end (Hint: My MAX is about $120, although the cheaper you can get me the more smiley faces you will get :D:D:D:D:D:D)

The winner of this contest receives one LeftRightLeftRightLeft CD album, or, if you don't want one (or you already have one) I can rip one Coldplay album vinyl into any format you choose. This ends on August the 1st. SO HURRY!!

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i have a relatively reliable turntable i got second-hand from a friend, but works great. it has bass/treble function, an auxiliary function, built in fm/am radio, and two tape decks. i cannot remember the name right now but when i get home i can let you know!

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all that is on the front is "Realistic AM/FM dubbing music cassette system" my dad tells me that realistic is a brand that is supported by Radio Shack (proven when we bought needles from them when i acquired this) so anything by them works. happy listening!

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