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Tlaloc and Huitzilopochtli rule


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I hear ya Ricardo.. But it may not be that religion is the problem, but more that religion needs to be improved; In some ways, it perhaps does matter - in the sense that it can bring us together, and enhance our understanding and compassion for those in need. But to enlarge the total view encompassed, and to be more true to what we understand today would help a great deal.

And giving thanks to the good earth for our sustenance is a really good thing too - more of that, and we'd be better focused on the true sustaining and life-giving forces in the world.

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Oh yes of Course, I might add it later

The Aztec gods of war / the sun and of rain and good harvests? :thinking:


whats the rule? your tired of religion so you want to revive the ancient Aztec religion?! :P yes please no ripping out of hearts and sacrifices!! :wreck:


How do you know they were the aztec gods of war and the rain?

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