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You should assign somebody who is actually funny to run this.


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Really, you guys.


As I've said, this place is being Ridiculous with a Capital R once again, so it falls upon me once again to step in and say THIS PLACE IS RETARDED.


I thought once you moved on from waffles things would start improving, and they did for a while, but "Alias Day" is just... silliness.


Thank you very much. I hope I can guide you all onto the right path.

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I know this is so gay

You guys just spam up the forum like you normally do but now you have a reason. And it's the stupidest reason on the face of the earth. Everyone keeps saying that the Alias Day 2 or 3 years ago was awesome, well I wish I was there to see it because this sucks. Really.

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And apparently this TechnicolorGreenEyes (aka Nathan, I have observed) has made a thread similar to this.


I would like to say this Nathan man really knows what he's talking about most of the time; you all should pay attention to him more.

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