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Alias Day Guess Who


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List of names of all took part:

cpolio- Paris Hilton

ivet- Lady Gaga

lilmissdee_x- SuperFreaky

Yellow Hill- Birby

Gitta Rensolo-DreamAfterChristmas

Gitta Rensolo- Crazy Daizy

[email protected].


rudy_o- The Wacky Man


Lore- PaulMcCartney

Emp3- _meow

stephanbass- TheRealOracle

coldplayisawesome- MrWick


The Escapist-Pacman

busybeeburns- motherfunky

léođwyrhta- hot chick

CMJBGBWC- sailormoon

LibbyMew-Emma Watson

Fitz- Mistery?

Kite- 0.0101010

parachutes_- Paainkilla

Crests of Daylight- Not An Alias

Gautama- Rumpelstiltskin

The Mad Hatter- Link of Hyrule

Josh42- TyronBiggums

MK- fixing Chris Martin


List of Aliases:














johnny the duke




Have fun


Cos I have to disappear for a couple days due to family issues, I'm handing the correct list over to Jules who will reply if your guesses are correct.


Kite posting as Kon

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There are aliasses I hav'nt even seen :uhoh:


Some only posted a handful of times.


Are good guessed names being markt in the first post?


I think that is what Jules is doing :)

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Some of my guesses. See ya guys in 10 days. :escaping:


Crazy Daizy = coldplayisawesome

Mystery? = Ian

TheRealOracle = ariadnasquare

Paris Hilton =cpolio

meow_ = Emp3

Super Freaky = lilmisdee_x

Paainkilla = iPsy

MrWick = Lore

ShadowMan = parachutes_

Hi.I.Am.New = stephanbass

Birby = The Mad Hatter

hot chick = léođwyrhta

Link of Hyrule = Yellow Hill

THE WACKY MAN = rudy_o

Emma Watson = LibbyMew

DreamAfterChristmas = Julia

Rumpelstiltskin = Kite

Not An Alias = Crest

Lady GaGa = ivet

sailormoon = The Escapist

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cpolio = Paris Hilton

ivet = MotherFunky

lilmissdee_x = SuperFreaky

Yellow Hill = Paul MaCartney

Gitta Rensolo = DreamAfterChristmas

[email protected]. = sailormoon

ariadnasquire = EmmaWatson

iPsy = Hi I Am New :confused:

Lore = shadowman

Emp3 = Crazy Daizy

stephanbass - THE WACKY MAN

coldplayisawesome = fixing chris martin

PePe57 - Not An Alias

The Escapist = Pacman

busybeeburns = Birby

léođwyrhta = Hot Chick

CMJBGBWC = Link of Hyrule

Fitz = BonoBo

Kite = Mystery

parachutes_ = meow_

Crests of Daylight = LadyGaGa

Gautama = Paainkilla

The Mad Hatter = 00101010

Josh42 = TyronBiggums

MK = MrWick



I don't have a clue. :dozey:

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