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Crests of Daylight/Glacial Fox/Crests, Foaming at the Mouth

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So you don't have to work with many customers. I imagine they're horrible in coffee shops.


I work at a car rental place, but since I refuse to rip customers off, they have me working on the trucks/cars and doing odd jobs for them.


I'm going to go for a run. If you never hear from me again, I was struck by lightning!

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Cycling doesn't bother me at all, but I love running the most. I feel like i'm being stabbed/going to throw up and euphoric at the same time. The odd thing is if I do over 10 miles it's not as bad. Also, I'm tired of not being able to do the things I love in life, so i'm not giving another thing up.


How are you Emma?!

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You should try to do something to help anyways, it might just get worse. I'm kind of in a similar situation. I have problems with my stomach (hyperacidity is beyong shit craic). I have gotten to the point where there is some days I just don't want food. It is the most un-appetizing shit ever :uhoh: I used to love food and I'm getting to a point where I hate it. I never feel hungry, but I know I need to eat.

I'm trying to find english cook books for my problems... annoying no luck so far.


Also, trying to make meal plans and a grocery list for one person with my condition (without any recipes) is so fucking hard? haha.




Other than that, terribly anxious. Why? I have no idea. So many things are making me feel nervous for no reason. I watched this video yesterday

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ex0URF-hWj4]The Terrifying Truth About Bananas - YouTube[/ame] I felt like my heart was in my mouth for hours afterwards. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY.

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I know right! I kept waking up in the middle of the night like "CAN NOT DEAL"



This morning wasn't great. I had a scone. It got to half 4 and hadn't had anything else. I didn't even feel it. But seeing as I am supposedly teetering on underweight according to the bmi (which I know is not the best guide, but it helps to give me an idea), I shouldn't be losing weight D:



Also kind of undecided whether or not to give up alcohol. It always makes me get sick...


but the terrible thing is I don't mind getting sick. It is slightly embarrassing. Not to be mank, but it's never messy. I just tell my friends I'm going to the bathroom, I get sick, and then I get water and chewing gum.




And even worse, I like getting sick. I don't purge or anything! And after getting sick is the only time my stomach feels good.






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