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The Cymbals of Will


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Hi at all,


does anybody know, which cymbals Will use? I know they are from Zildjian but I don't know exactly whether he plays the A-Customs or the K-Customs and what sizes they have. Is anybody out there who can tell me the answer??? I would be very happy and grateful....

Thank you for your efforts...


best regards, flo... :-)



PS: I'm very sorry for my pretty bad school english... :\

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um, yeah i'd like to know, too! i ain't no drummer at all, but well, some coldplay songs are quite easy (speed of sound, trouble, politik, fix you, white shadows, clocks , ... stuff like that)...



what kind of toms does he use for speed of sound and white shadows/ which toms does he use generally?

(size & tune...)



your english isn't that bad.... i'd say, so at least... maybe i just can't notice because i'm learning english at school, too (in germany, yay !)

//sind schon einige deutsche hier, nicht? hätt ich garnicht gedacht...//

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Hello !

Will uses the following cymbals :

Zildjian 14 inch K Custom Dark Hi-hats

Zildjian 18 inch A Medium Crash

Zildjian 19 inch K Dark Crash Thin

Zildjian 20 inch K Heavy Ride

I found this at Zildjian's home page , at the artists page. :)

He uses a Yamaha drum set , not sure what model , but 3 Toms , 1 Bassdrum , 1 Snaredrum. :)

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well, all that depends on the tour / songs in the setlist:

he needs 3 toms mainly for X&Y-Songs, he got 4 different toms though i couldn't say that he changes tham during a concert... i believe he got is drums equiped with triggers, so he'll be using a drum processor... or not, i have no idea...

and don't forget he got himself a new drum on ebay, also a bell and some more stuff

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