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Bournemouth Beach Bonanza!!


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Where's Wally? Looking for a spare spot of beach



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 8:46 AM on 24th August 2009




It's almost a case of spot the sand.


A record 340,000 people descended on Bournemouth beach yesterday hoping to catch the last day of sun before the return of the dark clouds and rain which have marked most of the summer.


article-1208582-0628371F000005DC-150_964x606.jpg A record 340,000 people descended on Bournemouth beach yesterday


The scene could be straight out of Where's Wally?, the children's book where readers have to pick out the title character called Wally from huge crowd scenes.


In fact, you might like to see if you can spot our own stand-in Wally in this picture. He's looking out to sea in a Horatio Nelson pose.


article-1208582-06284959000005DC-740_964x589.jpg Best friends Sophie Amos, Jazmine Brown & Ellie Scott cool off in the surf


The seven-mile stretch of beach was awash with a riot of colours in the 23c heat as the parasols and beach towels came out. Ice-cream sellers dished out 750,000 cones and deckchairs were fully booked.


Mark Smith, head of tourism said: 'This is the busiest Bournemouth has ever been - it's a bumper weekend. I can't imagine we have ever had this many people ever in history.'


article-1208582-06231901000005DC-120_964x334.jpg In quieter times: Bournemouth beach out of season


But a Met Office forecaster warned that clouds would start to set in today. 'It looks like rain for a lot of places,' he said.


If you want to spot our 'Wally', he's in the bottom right hand corner of the picture with his right hand raised to his eyes, wearing a brown polo shirt and shorts and standing next to a red beach umbrella.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1208582/Wheres-Wally-Looking-spare-spot-beach.html#ixzz0P5MuqSCG

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Don't you just love summer?


One nice day and all the press have to report on it... now where is the obligatory shot of them trying to cook an egg on the bonnet of the car or on the ground :laugh3:


It's fallen foul of the "health and safety" brigade.:rolleyes:

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