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Song On Piano After Politik


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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grYB8lOdKFY]YouTube - Coldplay Politik Live @ Alpine Valley 2009[/ame]


In that video, starting at 1:33, Chris plays a really fast song on the piano. I noticed he doesn't always play that song live, sometimes he jumps right into the Erik Satie song. But I was wondering if anyone knew what the song was called and if there is any sheet music for it. Also, if you could find another video with the full song that would be great too.


Thanks in advance.

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huh?! arpeggios? didn't you (everyone i mean) watch the vid? the way he is playing is not accurate, there's no time for keys and arpeggios :D :D

i guess he plays the f in the LH and in the RH he plays 3 times 2 notes. the 1st is higher than the 2nd. when he played them first, he moves up octave does it again, then another octave above


that's what think is possible... but hey, who'd want to copy them 100%? better improvise a little on your own... =)

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I mean Arpeggios indeed.

You have to take a good listen to find the mid-range notes.

Why there's no time for arpeggios? A good pianist don't need time for keys and arpeggios.

What do you mean with keys?

The key what Politik is in, why should'nt he have time for that? He should know the key before he starts playing Politik.

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