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My German Tour diary [2009]

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In the last week I made a diary about my concert travel. I would like to share with you and sorry for the bad translation...



Day 1, 25/08/2009


9:30am Brandenburg:

We drive to the station. I put my children in the train to Munich - they will spend the next few days with my parents.

Now I'm waiting for my train to take me closer to my goal of Hanover.

Bad omen - the train is 30 minutes late and my connecting train is thus away ...

12pm Magdeburg:

Finally I'm sitting on the train to Hanover!


Target reached! I then put my excess baggage in the safe, nor eat something and then slowly make my way to the stadium.

16pm AWD-Arena:

The concert-goers flock to the entrance, I hear parts of the sound check, the merchandise stands have already opened, and I'm just enjoying the atmosphere.


We Oxfamer meet at the main ticket office. All are super well on it, look forward to the support and for me it starts to tingle now correctly.

Our team leader introduced me to the Oxfam co-ordinator Pete as the girl that goes along with the entire tour in Germany. (okay, there are only 3 concerts) and extra ticket has returned to her for support to Oxfam. "That's great," he says.

We receive bracelets, which we can move freely in the arena (unfortunately not backstage) and enter the stadium. At the Oxfam stand we receive final instructions, providing us with flyers, buttons ... and begin our work.

We come to talk with many people who have a lot of fun and enjoy the great atmosphere - despite the rain.

19:30pm rallying Oxfam:

A final group photo will be made, and Pete gives me his set list - before the concert begins!

I understand only half of what he says (my English is really terrible), and can only respond repeatedly, "Thank you!"

20pm Stage B:

Most Oxfamer prefer their seats, but I want as close as possible to be with our boys and that is why Daniel and I throw ourselves into the fray in the interior.

21pm start of the concert:

When Coldplay come on stage, I'm unstoppable. I am so happy, begin to sing and dance on stage and even the falling curtain, and Chris' sudden disappearance do not detract from my joy.

After the concert, I'm completely hoarse and sweaty and still happy.


Days 2 26.08.2009


12am back in town:

I pick my luggage, write a brief review and try to sleep a few hours.

6am return train

9am at home again:

I grab my backpack, trying to not forget to, nerve a couple of people in the forum, I ring up my children and then sleep only ...


Days 3 27.08.2009


5:30am still at home:

The alarm clock rings - get up?

Okay, Coldplay wait - so let's go!

7am station Brandenburg:

The train is on time this time and - surprise, surprise - my connecting trains also.

12pm Dusseldorf:

The same game - luggage into the safe, get food and drinks and up to the stadium.

13pm before the Esprit Arena:

A few people already waiting, but I still get a good spot in the queue. All are totally relaxed and looking forward to Coldplay.

Unfortunately I can not find any other board members and after a while it dawns on me - that are all at the other entrance!

But later will show that my choice was the right ...


Katja finds me finally in the whole excitement and I have to wait any longer for the last hour alone.

16pm Doors open:

The gates open, and there's suddenly a huge mess and I start running towards the interior. And I realize - my training is paying off.

I get a very good place in the front row and now the wait begins again ...

Meanwhile, I've found a couple of board members - whose entrance was only minutes after we opened.


The air in the arena is incredibly sticky, it will be distributed no water and I have a feeling I'm going to faint. But persevere - If I was going to miss this concert, I think I would ever hate me;)

21pm start of the concert:

Now I have had for the second time the opening bands pass over me and am therefore more than happy to start to Coldplay!

The atmosphere is incredible - from the first moment. The guys give everything and everybody makes party.

Much too soon the concert is over, but today I'm just the happiest person in the world. The fact that Chris has really given me his shirt, still seems like a dream!


A few Board members and I meet now still, we get our free CDs and go get something to drink. We sit together for a while, talking about this incredibly beautiful evening and then drive to the station.


Days 4 28.08.2009


1:30am station Dusseldorf:

And pick up again - luggage, eat something, brief report back on the forum and wait for the train ...

5am return train

11am at home:

Backpack repack, pestering the forum and then quickly buy more fabric for a thank-you banner.


I paint my banner and try to kill the time, because I'm still wide awake, although I really should sleep a long time ago!

22pm finally in bed


Days 5 29. .08.2009


2am at home:

Oh no, the alarm clock again ... I do not really have to get up already??

2:30am on the highway of Landshut:

There is more traffic than I thought, but I come through quite well and think only once briefly to refuel.

7am Landshut:

I am too early - my family is still sleeping but - all wake up, today we have a lot planned!

10am station Landshut:

My little daughter had to stay with Grandma, but my other daughter comes with me today

11:30am Munich

No luggage today, there is now time that we get something to eat quickly and then it goes directly to the arena.

12pm Reitstadion Riem:

A few people are of course already in place and this time we also find the other board members.

16pm Doors open:

The inlet is the most chaotic I've ever experienced what I have and the way the interior is like a maze. But still - we give our bests - front row again!

The songs of the support bands by now, I can almost sing along, but whatever - all I will survive it had yet;)

20pm start of the concert:

What can I say? The guys are as good as in recent days, the audience make for fantastic atmosphere and we almost drowned in butterflies.

Chris sees my Thank you banner and gives me a thumbs up, we fight for a setlist and a drumstick and then the whole thing is over already ... (sadly)

22:30 pm outside the stadium:

We say goodbye to the others and try on our way to the subway to make, but the chaos is indescribable and there, we need almost an hour to get back to the station.

23:45 Train Station Munich:

I need a prosseco!


Day 6 30.08.2009


1:30am Landshut:

We immediately fall into bed.


! Awakening! Boah, I feel as if I had not slept for days. Okay, I have not really: D

8am on the way home:

On the road again. The highways are full, my little daughter sick in the car, I am totally tired and just want to sleep.

But we are now creating even!

14pm at home:

Goal reached, unpack everything, just torment the forum and then finally:

Good night!

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