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The Greatest most average EP ever, by me and italian plastic


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if you want to hear the EP before dloading, the entire things on our myspace (link below)


so yea...me and old eddie (not really old is he?) have recorded and written these songs, theres 6 in total on the EP and you can download it from here




if you have any problems be sure to let me know!


also if you feel like it the myspace is over this way



cheers my friends!!!!!!!


....im still waiting for eddie to get on msn.....


ps. you will need winrar to extract the songs from the folder

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yea, he doesnt seem to be in the best mood....


also not really a band, more of a project


and no, more so because eddie's a good friend and he seems to always be on here so what the hay, i like coldplay why shouldnt i?



its a great quote to :)

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