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Viva la Vida Restaurado


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As is common with all forms of art, albums tell stories within their music. And often, like films such as the Lord of the Rings, the whole story must be cut short for practical or compromising reasons, leaving a fantastic piece of art, but an unfinished one nonetheless. Such is the case with Coldplay's Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends album. A magnificent work of art it is - as verified both by critical reception and listener support - but the entire work felt truncated; a complex puzzle missing a few key pieces.


Until now.


I have compiled what I feel is the "complete" Viva la Vida; one that tells the entire "story" of the music. The introductory "Life in Technicolor" which forms a beautiful instrumental opening to the album I have now remixed together with the lyrical track of "Life in Technicolor II" to form a new beginning for the album that sounds very much on par with "Where the Streets Have No Name" from U2's "The Joshua Tree". The new piano interlude of "Postcards from Far Away" adds a Victorian-cum-classical feel to the entire set that twists the original feel of the album on its head before embarking on to the second act. And from the transition between "Rainy Day" and "Viva la Vida" that feels as though it was meant to be that way, to the way "Glass of Water" expresses a final musical climax before the culminating "Death and All His Friends" (now edited to provide a silent segway into the "hidden" track which really ends the album and reiterates the closing line of the opening track), I feel this is the way the album was meant to be enjoyed.


And now, I can't listen to it any other way.




1. Life in Technicolor I+II

2. Cemeteries in London

3. Poppyfields

4. Lost!

5. 42

6. Postcards from Far Away

7. Lovers in Japan, Reign of Love

8. Yes

9. Rainy Day

10. Viva la Vida

11. Violet Hill

12. Strawberry Swing

13. Glass of Water

14. Death and All His Friends (followed by ~30 seconds of silence)

15. Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground (Hidden Track)


Link to my new version of "Life in Technicolor" here if you wish to compile this yourself:

http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ekxmgzw55dw (320kbps MP3)

http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zwic1jytj2u (Lossless FLAC)


And please, feel free to tell me your feelings on this. Also, I wasn't sure which forum to post this in so I placed it here along with the B-Sides/Unreleased forum. Mods: if either is incorrect, feel free to move/remove it. Thanks!

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don't that is VLVODAAHF and Prospekt March EP put together? :thinking:


btw why the restaurado name? (i mean also in spanish?).


Yep just a connection between Viva and Prospekt (there's one for sure).


You could also say restored but it fits better to the Viva la vida.

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I'm gonna make a live Viva CD, with The Dubliners!


1.Life In Technicolor

2.Violet Hill


4.Glass Of Water

5.In My Place


7.The Dubliners

8.Viva La Vida


10.Death And All His Friends



That's my tracklisting.


You're right how could I forgot the Dubliners. Sadly there are only a few live versions. Do you have a clear live version of it?

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