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I have recieved a mail from one of the Absolute radio workers as an answer to the question of when we it will be announced live on air who won the TOP 3 in the last round of the Live stories competition (Not the grand final!)


It will be announced tonight, 5th of October, on Geoff Lioyd's Hometime show between 5pm and 8pm (english time)


So if you are interested to hear the announcement of 3 Coldplayers getting the Top 3 in the Live stories competition, then you can listen free to Absolute radio on the homepage: http://www.absoluteradio.co.uk


I'll sure listen to the show!!!! :dance:

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I just wrote a politely mail to the station asking them when it then will be on

and I told them that we have listened all evening just for the announcement....

I'll keep you all updated with their answer...


Is it just me or is it bad for them to skip the announcement 3 times!? :thinking:

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may it'll be announced in the DJs programme from 8pm.. :thinking:

i could be wrong, but don't he is on the board?


btw what comes next after the announcement?

and the announcement is only just they saying that, or it'll mean they'll talk with the participant coldplayers? :thinking:




I don't think so.. The gentleman from Absolute radio, who informed me wrote that it would be on Geoff Lioyd's Hometime show from 5-8pm tonight... Very precisly!


about the announcement I know nothing other than in the first place is was about to be special by being mentioned and talked about maybe... but here we have nothing... :thinking:

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Nope, still no news :\

Yes, it is a shame and weird and frustrating... :huh: :disappointed: :bomb:

I have been informed two times that it will be on,

then I listened to the shows for 3 hours and then comes nothing ... :mean:

I don't know what to believe next time they inform me on a new date for announcement.. :shrug::thinking:

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