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The Thread of the Sexual Crimes

Luka Modric

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Greetings my COLD chums of THIS GAME. Yossarian had construct apologise for the absenteeism as however he has been at his new school. Any which how, Yossarian did indeed return to ask his friends of MARTIN something does harbor the most importance!


You have sight, Yossarian went to club is this Friday in order to observe artists as Dan Le Sac and his good friend the cruel demagogue Of scroobius Of pip, also as the artists of electronics and technology Of mylo, Robotwon and Hexadecimal. After its its glad evening was accepted home by man to which afterward reduce young and impressionable Yossarian it shaded that made him to the complete disclosure and it will explode, [predstavlyayushch] of the liquid of the orgasm of sexual everywhere.


Yossarian is now confused with his life and self. Was the Yossarian the victim of the heinous sexual crime of homosexual rape, or is Yossarian in fact himself a homosexual? :cry:

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