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Hey there! Has anyone here ever gone to a concert and came out as a different person? A Life-changing experinece sort of thing?


I know, it may seem like a strange question.......but I'd love to hear all your stories about priceless concert moments, the ones you can just close your eyes and relive.


For me...it was when I went to my first concert ever, which was U2. And like, just when the lights went down and they opened with City of Blinding Lights, and how everyone just had so much energy and sang along...


And I guess it's really something special, when it's a band that means a lot to you too. Like when I saw The Verve...and especially when i saw My Bloody Valentine.


I went all the way to Richmond (just had to do a crazy trip last summer) and went down there just to see the band, and also explore too. Best trip ever. And if anyone here ever has the chance to check out My Bloody Valentine.....I highly reconmmend not passing them up. And yea, they are extremely loud (some people may need the earplugs they hand out) but the volume is nothing compared to the power and force of their music..especially durying the 20 or so minutes of white noise they throw at you during "You Made Me Realize".


It's like that scene in 2001 when Dave is flying through space, and you see all the trippy colors zooming past him. haha

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