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Professor Peedston

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*drinks beer and grunts manly-like*


yeah, talk about yer nfl here. i'm as die-hard an eagles fan as they come, i suppose, so this is really a bad time for me to start this thread, since we just suffered the most embarrassing loss since... well, the last time we played tampa bay. GRRRR STUPID BUCS.



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lol Sweet, NFL thread!!! :D I guess I'm the only brazilian fan.. :/ but wtf, who cares??? :D Huge 49ers fan here!!! Hard to keep up with the season results, cos they just air 1 game/week here. :/ Well... i know we won the first game and scored 49 points. I think we lost the second... not sure though... :confused: oh well... i really don't know. :embarrased: Hell, i miss the good Joe Montana and Steve Young times. :rolleyes:

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Haha I actually think garcia is really good... (Not the best, but good) Problem is that the poor boy is taking steve young's place, you know? And that's such a hard task. :/ Cos even if he's doing great, ppl will keep comparing him to s.y. :/

And the worst is that he can't even count with j. rice. Damn you raiders!!! :angry:

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at least they'll always be better than the bengals.


I woudln't count on that being the case this year. Before last week I thought the Bears might be the worst team I'd seen (only 26, ut still). Winning a game the Raiders gave them (and then couldn't take back) didn't change my mind much.


Re: CFL Football ...


Is that REALLY Norah Jones? :-P

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