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My 1000th Post!


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Thank You





I just want to make this thread for all the nice people on Coldplaying, it's been really fun posting here so far and I look forward to the next 1000 posts :nice:


I want to thank(not in chronlogical order): Kelsie,Lekise,Laura,Shane,Alyssa.Emily,Crests,Kemi,Dillman,Arnim,Iza,Char,Julie,Amy,Paul,Rudy,Stefan,Maja,Elfi,Zooey,Sigur,Carla,Ari,Mark,EmmaLousie,The Mexican Guy Living In My Closet,Violet and all of those who I have forgot :disappointed:




This thread ended up little gay :P


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Thanks everyone :blush:


And who is this Lekise?


The mexican guy in my closet :awesome:


YAY WILL and you have been sigged


I know, i think that's my first one :hug:


Congrats. The board could do with more like you.


Thanks man :cool:

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Guest LiquidSky
I was mentioned first. :blush: Congrats! :P


I wasn't :shame:



Anyway, congrats! I know it takes a while, so congrats! :D

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