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Now that's what I call music: The 50 best albums of the Noughties (Coldplay in twice, Daily Mail cou


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2. COLDPLAY: A Rush Of Blood To The Head (Parlophone, 2002)


COLDPLAY'S second album packed an emotional punch that pushed them into the big league. Chris Martin's keen falsetto caught the ear, but the boy had star quality, too. Key track: Clocks.


36. COLDPLAY: Parachutes (Parlophone, 2000)


STUNNING debut from a band who were unknown at the start of the decade. Pure and plaintive, it set the tone for a decade of globe-spanning success. Key track: Yellow.


Read the full list at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1234927/Now-thats-I-music-The-50-best-albums-Noughties.html

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I like it how they chose the bad songs from 2 great albums


I totally disagree - imo they chose the two greatest songs from the two albums.

But I am surprised that VIVA LA VIVA or Death and All his Friends didn't make it to this list!


I am glad that Coldplay was rated so well here ! :dance: Congratulations!


But really: No U2 album made it to the list? Incredible!

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Guest howyousawtheworld

2nd place! I'll take that! Thank you Daily Mail (did I just type that?!) - you gave the best British album from a British band from this decade the respect it deserved! Not surprised to see Amy Winehouse's album number 1 given the craze it was given especially in the UK. I don't have much to argue over the British entries (barring Girls Aloud entry :facepalm:) but the American ones seem to have just been put in there on popularity alone.

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