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Where do I get permission to use Coldplay lyrics?

Grimace Strikes Back

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I'm in the planning stages of creating a graphic novel, and there's one part where I'd like to put lyrics from a Coldplay song. I can envision it in my head, and the lyrics would create sort of a written soundtrack to the scene, and definitely enhance the mood and feeling. The thing is, if I actually finish this book, I'd love to get it published or produce it myself and sell it. And I need permission to reprint those lyrics. I want to find out how to do that NOW, rather than wait until after I've already written it, drawn it, and inked...and then find out I can't put it in, thus leaving out a special portion of the story. So who do I try to get into contact with? The band? Record company?

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There was an email address on the band's website, and I sent a question to it. Basically asking if and from who I need to get permission...here's the response...


"You need to get permission from BMG Publishing. It depends what you want to "quote" Coldplay for, but you may not get permission, so please bear that in mind."


Uh, yeah...so I guess I'll have to try and find a BMG site and email address.

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