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12 Months Of Coldplay 2009: DECEMBER (One special concert)


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Coldplay on Q Magazine's Artists Of The Century


Coldplay was featured in the Q MAgazine's Artist of The Decade. The band's article was written by Glastonbury's Michael Eavis. Eavis wrote:


"When I stopped milking after 40 years, I got a Roberts radio for the farm kitchen. It doesn't have quite as crisp a sound but I can still remember the morning I came down and first heard Coldplay's Yellow. I just thought it was such a beautiful and uplifting sound. Chris Martin's voice is just so inspiring on that record. It was the start of the millennium and I think we all wanted to feel that way a little bit, didn't we? "Look at the stars, look how they shine for you?" Brilliant stuff..."


Chris has integrity, a conscience and he's funny and intelligent. That's quite a good combination. It's not for me to comment on the lifestyles and beliefs of the bands we put on, but we have bands where they come on and deliver something incredible and intense but afterwards that's it. It is refreshing to meet a rock star and think, "This one's got a brain." He went to Sherborne, a local school, and when I chat to him there is a definate South West bond.


read the full article here




Coldplay nominated for two Grammy Awards 2010 (for Life In Technicolor ii)


Coldplayers' favorite puppets are nominated in two categories in the Grammy Awards 2010


The Categories are:

- Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals (for Life In Technicolor ii)

- Best Short Form Music Video (for Life In Technicolor ii)




Coldplay to play Christmas Mencap show in Exeter on December 19th


Wembley concerts weren't the last Coldplay shows of the decade, the band announced an intimate show in Exeter (Chris' hometown), with all proceeds going to Mencap's amazing work with people with a learning disability in the UK. Just 500 tickets were available.


This was a very special gig and the band was very excited, especially Chris: "I don't think there could be a better way to end the decade... La Roux, Lily Allen, Jo Whiley - what more can you ask for? We're proud to support Mencap and, for me, it's exciting to play my hometown. We haven't played there since 2000. It's going to be really, really special."


A live blog was posted in Coldplay.com, you can see it newsdetail.php?id=559here[/img]






The setlist was very special and included Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

and Happy Christmas (War Is Over), John Lennon's cover.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fqCzqYA3mE]YouTube- Coldplay - Happy Xmas (War is Over) @ Exeter Castle 19-12-2009[/ame]


Some fans were lucky enough to meet the band. Too bad Guy doesn't like Shiver


"Karen asked him to play Shiver to which he replied no, even though she had stood outside so long to buy tickets He said it'd never sound as good as it did and to ask Guy as he is the one who always vetoes it."





Full setlists and reviews here and here


The Sun has new insight into Coldplay's latest album recordings


The Sun posted some news about next Coldplay's album


The band aim to release the album next year, a lot earlier than anyone expected - not least their label EMI. They have only one more album to deliver before they can move elsewhere, which will cause a huge stir in the industry. Chris plans to test the songs early in 2010 on their closest pals by inviting them to the church to hear them live.




The band will then record "as live" in the church, then aim to do a tour of smaller venues for fans to hear the new stuff. The late James Brown was known in music circles as the hardest working man in show business, but these boys are doing everything they can to take the title from the Godfather Of Soul.


So far, we don't have any official info, but we all hope to hear new stuff soon!


End of Decade Clearout Sale announced


Coldplay surprised us all announcing the End of Decade Clearout Sale. The sale included guitars, clothes and lots of more Coldplay important memorabilia. You can see the full catalogue here


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrbkyASaKsg]YouTube- Coldplay End of Decade Clearout Sale[/ame]


Not only the band announced an "End of Decade Clearout Sale", a coldplaying member did it too!

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOqZi8ZdPRM]YouTube- Briggins End of the Decade Sale[/ame]







The sale raised a lot of money and this was posted in Coldplay.com


Good morning - and happy new year! The End of Decade Clearout Sale of Coldplay memorabilia and instruments reached its conclusion yesterday evening amid some frantic last-minute bidding. We're very pleased to reveal that the final total raised by the auction is an amazing £251,482 (which is roughly €284k / $407k). That included six items which sold for more than £10,000 - including Jonny's beloved Viva guitar, which was the top-priced item, at a whopping £15,000. The money will all go towards Kids Company's incredible work with children and young people in London.


The text messages were flying around last night and it's fair to say that the band are just as excited/grateful/amazed by the enormous total as Kids Company are. A huge thanks to everyone who bid and helped make the Clearout Sale such a success.


Coldplaying members spent £70,000, That's about 25% of the total amount raised in the auction!


Lot 3 - Takamine Guitar - lo&loud - £5,800

Lot 6 - Parachutes Globe - NumbersGirl - £8,100

Lot 8 - Chris' Yamaha CP70 - christopher Martin - £4,000

Lot 9 - Fender Rhodes piano - lo&loud - £2,505

Lot 13 - Shiver Lith - DriftedFar^ - approx £600

Lot 15 - Don't Panic Lith #1 - Pallavi - £650

Lot 17 - Jonny's Fender Thinline Telecaster - Texasluvsjonny - £3,500

Lot 23 - Jonny's AROBTTH poster - Sirhc - £820

Lot 27 - Yellow Lith #1 - DriftedFar^ - £1,021.83

Lot 31 - Chris' Gibson J200 "Til Kingdom Come" - Afeather - £5,100

Lot 32 - Chris' Gibson J200 "A Message" - bonedaddy - £5,650

Lot 38 - Will's Drum from "Talk" video - lo&loud - £1,850

Lot 39 - Jonny's Viva Guitar - Jason-DeBord - £15,000

Lot 45 - Autoharp - silver.lining42 - £3,600

Lot 46 - Guy's Viva Jacket - Afeather - £4,800

Lot 52 - Strawberry Swing Outfit - lo&loud - £6,100


Christmas wishes


No video this year, but the guys posted some Christmas wishes in the official site






Guy Berryman's Apparatjik to make live debut in Berlin in February


No one knows what to expect, but Apparatjik, Guy Berryman's side project with Magne from A-Ha, Jonas from Mew and Martin Terefe from Kensaltown Records will make their very first live performance at next year's Club Transmediale, an annual festival in Berlin, due to take place between 28th January and 7th February 2010.






thanks SueDeNimes and analoeskah for the help. Thanks Mimixxx for the Exeter pics

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Good to see an in-depth answer to what’s going on.How did you get to be this good? Its amazing to see someone put so much passion into a subject. Im glad I came across this. Im glad I took the time to read on past the first paragraph.

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