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Prince Harry Promises Coldplay Jam


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Prince Harry was greeted at the Garrison Museum in Bridgetown, Barbados, Saturday, by the vibrant sounds of a steel drum band playing Coldplay's 'Viva La Vida.'


"Go on Harry, have a go," cried out one gnarly British paparazzi who goaded the prince as he stood and listened to the band. " I'll be doing it afterwards," Harry retorted quickly. "We're just going in to practice inside," he quipped with a disarming smile.


Dressed casually in an open-neck blue check shirt and beige slacks, after thanking the steel band the Prince continued inside the former Colonial prison for a children's Garden Party, where Harry took his seat in the audience to watch a performance of traditional African and Amerindian dance and music.


Harry's three-day trip to Barbados, his first official visit to the country, is to launch and compete in the Sentebale Polo Cup at the exclusive Apes Hill Polo Club. The match benefits Sentebale, the charity that Harry heads with his friend, Prince Seeiso, who was also on the island. Sentebale gives an essential lifeline to vulnerable children in the South African kingdom of Lesotho, a poverty-stricken country with the world's third highest rate of HIV/AIDS infection. An estimated 3% of the population is dying each year from the virus. In a population of around 1.8 million, Lesotho has 400,000 orphans.


The inaugural Sentebale Polo Cup match sold-out way in advance, with a capacity crowd of 1,200 set to watch Harry's team, which includes Mark Tomlinson one of Britain's leading polo players, take on a South African team.


A hastily organized private fundraising party for Haiti's earthquake victims, Saturday evening, was added to his schedule. One attendee told PopEater that both Harry and Seeiso got up on stage and joined in a concert, dancing together. But, alas, there was no sign of his percussive talents or that Coldplay jam he had promised earlier.



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