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Asbo App for iPhone tells you how anti-social your area is


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Asbo App for iPhone tells you how anti-social your area is



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 3:07 PM on 19th February 2010



Housebuyers looking for a nice area to settle down in can check how many of their potential neighbours have Asbos, thanks to a new smartphone application.

The ASBOrometer shows the user the levels of anti-social behaviour at any postcode within England and Wales.


Enlarge article-1252223-085E4F08000005DC-84_224x339.jpg

Enlarge article-1252223-085E4F00000005DC-255_224x339.jpg



The free smartphone application analyses perceived levels of bad behaviour in an area as well as the latest statistics




Anyone with an Apple iPhone or Android phone can download the free App to find out just how troublesome their area is in detail.

Based on the latest Home Office data, it reveals how many Acceptable Behaviour Contract orders have been issued in each quarter from the beginning of 2007.

Figures for Camden, for example, show there were 20 such orders issued in the first quarter of 2007, but this had tripled to just over 60 by the start of 2009.


article-1252223-085EFDBC000005DC-354_233x352.jpg The App breaks down Home Office data for each area showing, for example, the number of Acceptable Behvaviour Contracts issued each quarter


The App also displays how many parenting orders have been issued, along with how many crack houses have been closed in a given area.


Users can compare their area with surrounding regions on a leaderboard.

Utilising government data the tool can also provide users with the percentage of locals who think disruptive behaviour is a problem where they live.

In Camden more than a quarter of residents thought anti-social activities were an issue.


The free App has certainly struck a chord with smartphone users. It is currently ranked number 23 of the top free Apps in the UK iTunes App Store.


It was created by software designer Jeff Gilfelt. The 31-year-old said although he hadn't directly experience anti-social behaviour he thought there was a 'general level of concern' about the issue.


'If house buyers want to use to become better informed about a particular area, then so be it,' he told the Mail Online.


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He's all ready to go, he's just going to sit on the top of his house with a megaphone yelling 'THE END IS NIGH' for awhile first.


I just looked out my window there now and there are hordes of hooded teenagers blowing people up with RPG's and single mothers giving their babies heroin. OHH THE HUMANITY!!!

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