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Vote for your Ultimate Frontman (women), QTheMusic.com


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Ugggghhhhhhhhhh. I really wish Coldplayers didn't find out about these things. You're going to vote 17 fucking times each and Chris' going to win by a long shot. When you guys don't realise that he's not actually that great...


He's GREAT for us... why don't you just vote for whoever you think is great and shut up?? Really all these stupid comments are nonsense... We love Chris, we love Coldplay, we're on a friggin Coldplay forum... what do you expect?! Btw anybody should vote for whoever they think is great... so the same way as we're not telling you to vote/not vote somebody, you shouldn't either. We're free to vote Chris for million times if we like.

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Can anybody tell me why you guys are here if you have no interest in Coldplay? :confused:


If nobody is to dictate who to vote for and whatnot, then nobody is to dictate who should join the forum or post, yes? Surely that'd make sense.

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