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Guitar painting


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Ok, so I'm planning to get a new guitar. I want an Epiphone Supernova, but don't have $1500. So I'm probably gonna get a Dot or Sheraton, and get the Union Jack painted on. Due to my lack of skill, I will need it professionally done. How much will this cost, and can I make it cheaper if I do parts of the job myself? Thanks!

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there are kind of films for cars, maybe that is what you want?

go to a local errm... whats the word? foiler? i mean some guy that actually cut the foil and put it onto the car.

they shouldn't be too expensive and a union jack i guess is a rather common motive.


phew, you could sand it down yourself at least.... but only if you want it to be painted and finished!

but that's not gonna help too much...

you are asking in the wrong forum!


how' s about you go to a guitar painter or a car painter (you see, cars and guitars are not too different concerning lacquer and finishes!) and ask them!

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